Style-Driven Designs

At American Heritage Billiards it is our philosophy that a pool table could be the most stunning piece of furniture in your home and that its style can be used to express your true inner energy.


Like furnishing any room in your home, this should be an exciting, fun experience with no limits or barriers to its design.


And, since you’re planning on it becoming the foundation of your entertaining space you can live on the wild side if you like!


Since Pool Tables are such a large piece of furniture, they become the focal point of the room.


This gives you more freedom to select a unique, breathtaking piece without the consideration of matching the furniture in the balance of your home, unless that’s your preference


So since 1987, we have worked tirelessly, traveling the world to collaborate with artisans, furniture designers, color experts and antiquity specialists to ensure we always create the most innovative, forward-thinking, progressive design elements from all walks of life.

Every entertaining space deserves to be unique and beautiful...just like the world around us

Let us help you find exactly what you're looking for so we can build the entertaining space of your dreams...together


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