Marietta 8' Pool Table (Sierra)


$3,685.50 $4,095.00
  • Features traditional claw-and-ball feet and fleur-de-lis leather pockets for timeless charm
  • Uniquely patterned rails and white molded pearlized diamond rail sights add sophistication
  • With a striking sierra stain, this table makes a statement in any room
  • Crafted from American Poplar hardwood with two cross members and two center beams for long-lasting stability
  • Equipped with K66 premier cushion rubber and custom-tailored leather shield pockets for optimal gameplay
Cloth Color - Sahara


The Marietta Pool Table combines classic elegance with modern craftsmanship to create a stunning centerpiece for any game room. Its traditional claw-and-ball feet, fleur-de-lis leather pockets, and uniquely patterned rails evoke a sense of timeless charm. White molded pearlized diamond rail sights add sophistication, while the striking Sierra stain enhances its visual appeal. Crafted from American Poplar hardwood with reinforced construction, including two cross members and two center beams, this table ensures stability and durability for years to come. Designed for optimal performance, it features K66 premier cushion rubber and custom-tailored leather shield pockets. Whether in a cozy home setting or a bustling game room, the Marietta Pool Table is sure to impress.

    8’ Pool table
    Playing surface: 88" L x 44" W
    Overall dimensions: 98.47"L x 54.47"W x 32.5"H, 256 lbs.

    All American Heritage Billiard pool tables are guaranteed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and craftsmanship from the date of purchase of the original owner. Cloth is not included with purchase. Purchase your choice of cloth style and color separately. 

    Warranty does not include re-leveling of the table after a successful initial installation.

    Variations in wood materials are to be expected. Organic variations in grain, color, and texture are naturally occurring properties of wood and do not qualify for a warranty claim.

    Contact American Heritage Customer Service to begin a warranty claim.

    • Dust the table finish with a soft, dry cloth. 

    • To protect the finish, do not apply abrasives or household cleaners.

    • Table covers can be used to keep the pool table dust-free and protect it from other forms of accidental damage when the pool table isn’t in use. 

    • Periodically brushing the felt on the pool table with our approved brushes helps properly maintain the quality of play. Brushes, cloth, and accessories can be purchased through your local dealer.

    This pool table requires professional installation. Please reach out to an American Heritage Billiards customer service expert to locate a dealer near you who will coordinate the delivery and professional installation of your new pool table.