Home Pool Tables

A pool table is meant to entertain and delight. It's the grand centerpiece to your game room, drawing the eyes of your guests and starting conversation. It's what sparks a friendly competition, showing each person's skills. Most importantly, it's the furniture that people of all ages will gather around to make fond memories and appreciate time together.

Such a significant piece of your interior deserves to reflect your personality. Whether you're looking for a warm, old-fashioned design or a progressive, forward-thinking style, you'll be happy to find that we carry a wide variety of individually handcrafted home pool tables.

American Heritage Billiards is the world's leading manufacturer of home pool tables. Our team can help you coordinate with the aesthetic of your existing space and find a pool table that complements your furniture's style or break from the established look and select an option that beautifully alters the century-old game.

Industrial-Style Tables

Our pool tables blend design elements for aesthetics you won't find anywhere else, like the popular Quest, inspired by the steel girders that raised America, or the Da Vinci, with reclaimed wood and industrial rail. The Gateway and Ambassador pool tables bring the artfulness of outdoor architecture inside, and our Fresco and Potenza are a magnificent unity of wood and metalwork.

Traditional and Transitional Pool Tables

For a prized, antique form, nothing compares to classic wood. Traditional pool tables with intricately carved legs and unique grain finishes include the Camden, Crescent, Marietta, Eclipse, Tacoma and more. The Savannah and Bristol tables are simple, strong pieces that channel the rustic aura of the past.

Modern and Contemporary-Style Pool Tables

Then there are the sleek designs that can boldly present an updated look for your home. Choose from bright and radiant accents such as silver from the Lennox table or chrome in the Aurora design. Our Celeste pool table features an elegant Peppercorn finish and striking white Teflon-coated felt. The Infinity is bound to impress with its unique leg configuration and a familiar accent crafted from American Black Walnut.

Distinctive Pool Tables for Every Residence

All these options and more are available to you. Over the years, we've collaborated with furniture designers, wood and metal artisans and antiquity experts to create our heirloom pool tables, all BCA tournament-approved. 

Every pool table purchase qualifies for free shipping and free professional installation.


Following your order, we'll get in touch to coordinate the delivery and assign an installer who's experienced with assembling our products. You can rest assured that you'll end up with a stable piece built for the lifetime of your home with absolutely no manufacturer defects.

Explore a Complete Line of Game Room Furnishings From American Heritage Billiards

We do more than supply pool tables for homes. Explore our home bars, bar stools and cabinets to pair with your new investment. We also carry billiard accessories and additional table activities for the game room.

Let's create a space you'll be proud to entertain everyone in! Browse our products, contact us now or purchase on our site whenevery you're ready!