Heirloom Construction

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Our pool tables and game room furniture are meticulously designed and engineered to withstand the test of time, utilizing old fashioned wood joinery methods in the construction of our wooden game room furniture.

After all, a pool table is an oversized piece of furniture on which a precision game must be played. It's our duty to engineer one that will be level upon completion of the installation...and stay level forever

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Pool Tables

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Raw Materials Selection

It all begins with our selection of only the finest raw materials: American Maple, American Red Oak, American Black Walnut, FSC-certified wood, and custom select hardwoods sourced from around the world. This accounts for our long-lasting, beautiful, and unique finishes


By exclusively using Grade A wood species, American Heritage Billiards is able to consistently produce the finest pool tables in the industry. Grade “A” materials allow us to execute a more transparent, true finish on our pool tables which gives us the ability to accentuate the features of several different natural wood species


For instance, you’ll see the sweeping grain patterns of American Red Oak on our multi-layered Glacier finish featured on the Quest Pool Table (image below)








Another example would be the beautiful knot patterns on our Savannah Pool Table, giving the table a rustic, yet refined feel by using American Eastern Knotty Pine (image below)










For more traditional tastes, our American Maple tables such as the Camden and Marietta models have a smooth, crystal-clear finish (image below)



Heirloom Cabinet Engineering

Engineering is paramount in creating a quality pool table. BCA tournament approved slate weighs more than 500lbs, so to ensure a lifetime of precision game play the size of the legs, the material and material selection of the legs and most importantly the alignment and anchor points to the frame for perfect weight support are critical to the tables overall play and certainly lifetime.


You can note as you peruse our selection of heirloom table styles that our attention to detail in engineering every aspect of our frame weight support is unparalleled in our industry to ensure endless enjoyment and precision play.


The T.A.G. System™

In our Heirloom cabinetry construction, absolutely no table weight is supported by hardware. We craft each pool table the old-fashioned way; employing time-tested wood joinery methods throughout the construction process

It all begins with the corner. Our Triple Anchor Gusset™ (T.A.G.) System is the cornerstone of our cabinet construction. It helps create a rock-solid, load-bearing cabinet corner that's built to last for generations 

















2" thick, solid-wood anchor blocks are mitered and tapered to fit the cabinet's angled draft. The 4 cabinet panels are then mortised precisely to accept the permanent gluing of the anchor blocks into the panels. Once glued, they become a permanent cabinet anchor to attach the important gusset plate

2" thick, solid-wood gusset plates are then cut to a 90 degree corner and cut back at a 14 degree angle. The gusset plates are then permanently bonded to the 8 anchor blocks forming the strongest cabinet corner possible. This enables our pool tables to support the extraordinary weight associated with top quality slate, for a lifetime


The Cabinet Beams

Wooden Beams are cross-laminated by utilizing solid-hardwood strips that are glued grain-against-grain to create a beam that will not warp or split over time. 

Our cross-laminated center beams are mortised directly into the cabinet sidewalls to prevent any warping or twisting of the frame.


We then interlock twin, one-piece center beams into the cross beams and cabinet end panels to ensure that the cabinet stays square and true for the lifetime of the product. 


The cabinet frame is now prepared to support upwards of 500 lbs. of slate


The Magna Board

Our proprietary Magna Board provides unparalleled slate bed support across its smooth, seamless surface to help support the heavy slate

The Magna Board is a combination of wood, glue and fiberglass resin, sourced locally in Ohio.  This combination produces an engineered material of incredible strength that will remain perfectly flat, forever

The Magna Board unitizes the cabinet and provides a flat level surface for the slate.

Lastly, it allows the felt to be stapled effectively for a professional installation

Magna 2.png
Magna 1.png

Sure-Shot Rails

Our precision rail tolerances and 100% natural, K66 gum rubber cushions deliver the rebound accuracy and consistency required for tournament play. 

We create our rails by permanently bonding two dissimilar woods, grain-against-grain, to create a solid-wood rail with incredible durability. This prevents cupping, warping or twisting of the rail forever.

Proprietary knives mold the face shape of the wood rail, creating a cushion alignment surface to ensure the cushion rubber is glued perfectly straight onto the rail

The arch on the back of the tournament-approved cushion acts as a shock-absorber and prevents abnormal ball deflection.

Control fabric is vulcanized into the cushion rubber top surface creating consistent ball-bounce and deflection throughout the length of the cushions.

A deep dado on the bottom of the rail allows for permanent attachment of the decorative blind

Our rails are permanently anchored to the slate with our exclusive anchor studs, preventing any movement at any time, while delivering consistent play for lifetimes of use


Coordinating Pockets

Other competitors use one pocket iron shape, profile, and color to outfit all table models. American Heritage Billiards pockets are customized to fit both the profile of the unique rail as well as the overall aesthetics and design of the table itself


American Heritage

American Heritage


*Note how the one-size-fits-all pocket and rail profile don't align properly


Gallery Pool Table Corners

For our Gallery Pool Table Series, the metal corner brackets are made of heavy-duty, stamped galvanized steel

A CNC-machined template guarantees proper alignment each and every time and 6 anchor points help stabilize the frame by utilizing machine bolts and washers

Coarse threaded anchors in the cabinet panels ensure proper torque during the installation
 while the slotted leg attachments help ensure each leg is attached properly


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