Foosball Tables for Game Rooms

Great memories are waiting to be made around a game of foosball — a pair of friends or groups of four can enjoy this classic table activity. The slide-and-twist mechanics to shoot are simple to learn and master, and they are great for people of all ages. Whether your guests are playing a few rounds for fun or for keeps, any entertainment space benefits from a quality foosball table to kick off a conversation.

American Heritage Billiards handcrafts these essential game room tables from genuine wood and metal components. Each full-size foosball table provides a regulation playing field, and adjustable leg levelers to ensure you'll have a flat, balanced surface. These also come with manual scorekeepers and ball returns on both ends.


Each row of foosball "players" moves on seamless steel rods for smooth, easy maneuverability.

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Foosball Tables for Sale Blending Beauty and Function

Which variety of foosball table speaks to your home's personality? The Element table is an attractive unity of wood and metal, featuring crossed beams below the field. With this unique style, you have a choice between a stone-grey cabinet with black decorations, or a black cabinet with chrome details.

The Pritchard and Leonardo foosball tables feature an endearing industrial-style wooden cabinet adorned with metal. Both are supported by unique curved beams, capturing a bold look for your favorite space.

If you're seeking an antique, admirable piece of carved furniture, take a look at the Carlyle with ornate trim and Espresso finish, as well as the rustic charm of the Savannah table. These two have rugby-striped competitors to complete the traditional feel, no matter the time or place.

American Heritage Billiards — Manufacturers of Premium Game Room Furnishings

Since 1987, our commitment to a high standard of quality has inspired a love of table activities across America. Like any furniture addition to your home, your foosball table should be built to last for decades. Working with artisans and designers, we sought to make timeless fun atop craftsmanship anyone would feel proud to own.

Uniwelded metal frames and mortise and tenon wood joinery combine to create our sturdy pieces. The result of our work is a diverse line of products, including billiards, air hockey and shuffleboard tables that continue to make breathtaking centerpieces for home game rooms. If you pair these activities with our collections of home bars, pub tables, game chairs and more, you'll have a truly unified space — and no other manufacturer can provide that consistent setting.

Find the Ideal Furnishings for Your Game Room

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