Air Hockey Tables for Game Rooms

It's game on for your guests and family! Air hockey tables guarantee a good time trading goals with a gliding puck. American Heritage Billiards provides the best way to add all the fun of the arcade to your space with an intimate appearance that fits your home environment. Our air hockey tables come in distinctive styles to complement the existing decor of your game room.

Each of our tables features a single air blower for a smooth, uniform playing surface. Take a look at our selection, and purchase directly from our online store when you've found the one that suits you.

Beautiful Handcrafted Air Hockey Tables With Captivating Finishes

Our table frames are more than a place to play a fast-paced game — they're symbols of time periods past and present. The Element air hockey table uses a fascinating mixed material construction with steel legs, metal trim and an industrial wood finish in stone or pine. The Savannah will certainly score a few surprises with its rustic wood and metal turnbuckle decorations.

If you're searching for a sleek addition to the game room, the Phoenix presents a striking contemporary design with chrome embellishments. The Monarch table's Cherry-finished cabinet and arching electronic scorekeeper in the center are sure to wow potential players. Whichever design you settle on, you're investing in a quality regulation-size playing field for hours of entertaining your group.

More Players? More Fun!

Explore a round-table experience with our unique hockey table designs, featuring more space so more people can play at the same time. The Orbit Eliminator 4-Player Air Hockey game is a BCA Innovation Award winner, pitting each participant in an exciting elimination-style format. Allow three goals past you, and you're out — then insert the goal blockers to let the remaining players continue the fun.

Six players can enjoy having a friendly competition on the Ellipse Air Hockey Table. A swirling galaxy surface and six goals are unlike anything your guests have seen before. The Ellipse also features a pair of wireless Bluetooth speakers to liven up the get-together with music. Both the Orbit and the Ellipse come with a lighted scoring system as well.

Why Choose American Heritage Billiards for Your Air Hockey Table?

We've been makers of handcrafted game room furniture since 1987. The same legacy of quality craftsmanship we've put into every pool table can now be yours. Using premium construction, materials and finishes, we carefully designed each piece to last up to a lifetime of lively gatherings.

American Heritage Billiards is the only manufacturer that offers a complete furniture lineup to bring the true character of your entertainment space together. Browse our home bar, seating and other game collections to unite your aesthetic and create the most popular location to catch up and share a few cheers.

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