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At American Heritage Billiards, we believe that every piece of your game room matters...it should fit perfectly in your entertaining space in both form and function

Our experience from decades of designing the most functional entertaining spaces possible, regardless of size, makes it simple for us to help you create your perfect entertaining space. 


"Right-Height Seating" is a component of any great entertaining space.

For instance, market research shows that oftentimes when people host a gathering, the guests tend to gather around the kitchen counter for extended periods of time, even when the kitchen table and chairs are only a few feet away.


Everyone’s together, catching up. The food is there and drinks may be there as well; it’s perfect! 


It’s also because that kitchen counter is at the "Right Height".


"Right-Height Seating" refers to the dynamic of eye level differences during a conversation and how those differences can impact comfort levels in that interaction


Larger differences in eye levels between two people in a conversation can create discomfort.


As an example, think of having a conversation with someone who is standing up while you are sitting on a couch. Due to the large gap between eye levels of the people speaking, these conversations can often feel a bit uncomfortable.


We want to do our best to make sure that doesn’t happen in your entertaining space! This room isn’t typically outfitted like your family room or living room; you already have that space to gather in as it is.

To emulate that kitchen counter space in your entertaining space we have a wide variety of “social centers” in the form of Home Bars,  King Chairs, and Pub Sets.


Most importantly, these pieces have all been designed at the “Right Height” to socialize!  

After all, our goal is to help you build memories in this space that will last a lifetime!

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