Marietta Home Bar, Pub Collection
  • Marietta Home Bar, Pub Collection

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    American Heritage Billiards - the world's leading Pool Table, Game Table, Bar and Bar Stool manufacturer - presents the Marietta Home Bar and Pub Collection


    This collection includes: 

    • Marietta Pool Table
    • Santa Maria Bar
    • 2 Backless Designer Stools
    • Sarsetta Pub
    • 2 Ryan Stools
    • Roma Mirror
    • 2 King Chairs
    • Venice Rack


    The uniquely patterned rails and rail blinds encourage a second look, while the construction and playability keep you coming back to the Marietta. Featuring custom shield pockets, diamond sights and a striking Sierra stain, the Marietta is sure to be a crowd pleaser no matter where it resides.


    Custom leather pockets seamlessly blend with the diamond sighted top rail of the pool table's perimeter.


    The pool table offers excellent playability while it's remarkable design, exceptional styling and striking Sierra brown finish exudes class and taste.


    The American Heritage Marietta includes 1" certified slate and teflon-coated felt for tournament-quality play.


    The Marietta Pool Table comes complete with an accessory package that includes all of the essential pool table accessories. 


    Pool Table Features:

    • American Maple hardwood construction with a striking Sierra finish
    • Cabinet corner is produced using 2" solid wood blocks that are attached to the cabinet using mortise and tenon construction principles
    • Two cross members and two center beams are utilized to ensure the cabinet stays square and true forever. These cross-laminated beams interlock together which prevents warping and twisting
    • 1", three-piece certified slate
    • Khaki, Teflon-coated spill-resistant felt
    • American Maple rails with decorative sights
    • Custom-tailored leather shield pockets 
    • Constructed to exceed BCA Tournament specifications


    Pool Table Dimensions:

    • Playing surface dimensions: 44" W x 88" L
    • Outside dimensions: 55.5" W x 98.75" L x 32.25" H
    • Approximate shipping weight is 950 lbs.


    Included Accessories in Designer Kit:

    • 57” 2-Piece Maple Cues (4)

    • Bridge Stick (1)

    • 15-Ball Triangle (1)

    • 9-Ball Triangle (1)

    • 10 1/2" Table Brush (1)

    • 7" Under Rail Brush (1)

    • Sure-Shot Chalk (1)

    • Brass Bridge Head (1)

    • Repair Kit (1)

    • Sure-Shot Billiard Balls (1)

    • 8-Cue Wall Rack (1)

    • Plastic Brown Table Cover (1)


    Santa Maria Product Dimensions: 

    • 74"W x 28.75"D x 43.75"H, 237 lbs.


    Designer Stool Product Dimensions: 

    • 18"W x 18"D x 31"H, 16 lbs. 
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    Sarsetta Pub Product Dimensions: 

    • 28"W x 28"D x 43.5"H, 45 lbs. 
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    Ryan Stool Product Dimensions:

    • 17.75"W x 19"D x 45.25"H, 18 lbs. 
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    Roma Mirror Product Dimensions: 

    • 60"W x 10"D x 36.5"H, 43 lbs. 
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    King Chair Product Dimensions: 

    • 30.5"W x 25.25"D x 48.25"H, 39 lbs. 
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    Venice Rack Product Dimensions: 

    • 38.5"W x 5"D x 63.5"H, 34 lbs. 
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    • Assembly Details:

      • This Pool Table Requires Professional Installation, which is included with your purchase. Within 2 business days of your purchase, a representative with American Heritage Billiards will reach out to you to begin to coordinate the delivery and professional installation of your pool table
      • Additional furniture pieces in this collection do not include free installation or assembly
    • Warranty Details:

      • Pool Table Warranty Details:
        • This is an American Heritage Billiards Heirloom Series Table. American Heritage Billiards warrants the components/parts of your Pool Table to be free of manufacturer defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner, as follows:
          • Table, Cabinet, Legs, Interior Bracing and Hardwood Rails and Blinds: Warranted against splitting, cracking or warping.
          • Hardwood Rails and Cushions:  Warranted against separation, dry rot, or hardening.  American Heritage Billiards, or any of its authorized service dealers, will provide you parts required to repair or, at American Heritage Billiards’ sole option, replace any of the above components covered by this warranty, found, in the sole reasonable judgment of American Heritage Billiards, to be defective in materials and/or workmanship.
          • Warranty does not include re-leveling of the table after the successful initial installation
      • Coordinating Furniture Warranty Details:
        • American Heritage Billiards warrants the components of your game room furniture to be free of manufacturer defects in material and workmanship for as long as 1 year from the original delivery of the product. 
    • Return/Refund/Cancellation Policy:

      • For Pool Table purchases from American Heritage Billiards, all sales are final upon the mutual "release" and shipment of your order from our facility
      • For Coordinating Furniture purchases from American Heritage Billiards, you can return most items for a refund or store credit within 30 days of delivery. Return shipping costs apply, and the item must be in its original condition and packaging to be accepted
    • Care and Maintenance:

      • Pool Table Care and Maintenance
        • Dust the table finish with a soft, dry cloth.
        • To protect the finish, do not apply abrasives or household cleaners.
        • Table Covers can be used to keep the pool table dust-free and protect it from other forms of accidental damage when the pool table isn’t in use. Table covers can be purchased from our website and are included in certain accessory kits
        • Periodically Brushing the felt on the pool table with our approved brushes helps properly maintain the quality of play. Brushes can be purchased from our website and are included in certain accessory kits.
        • American Heritage Billiards uses all-natural, K66 cushion rubber. Since our cushion rubber is all-natural and isn’t modified from its original state with additives, it eventually hardens slowly over time which can negatively affect the game play of the pool table. Depending on the climate and humidity variations in your area, our cushion rubber typically lasts between 10-15 years through normal use before it becomes hard, at which point, it should be replaced. When the cushion rubber becomes hard, please contact us as we’ll issue free replacement cushion rubber with proof of original purchase. Additionally, we can connect you to an installer whom can help replace the cushion rubber for you.
      • Coordinating Furniture Care and Maintenance
        • Dust with a soft, dry cloth.
        • To protect the finish, do not apply abrasives or household cleaners.