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Important Tips to Remember

  • Build and level the cabinet of the table prior to adding the slate as effectively as possible

    • The Magnaboard (slate pad) is actually flatter than the slate. The Magnaboard is an engineered material, made in Mansfield, OH, planed to within 1/10,000 of an inch. The more level we can get the table prior to adding the slate, the less shims we’ll have to add later

  • Place the slate on the Magnaboard in its proper position and align all pocket openings with the slate

  • Pre-drill the slate holes through the Magnaboard using the 3/16” drill bit

  • Vacuum out the sawdust through the pre-drilled holes to reduce additional variance in the levelness of the slate 

  • Fasten the slate using the included American Heritage Billiards slate screws

  • Use a 4’ level to check for variances in the slate’s levelness

  • Shim accordingly using flat-stock shims, such as a playing card

    • Wedged shims are temporary solutions to leveling the table that can lead to “floating” the table to a greater degree than flat-stock shims would

  • If the table requires further leveling, back out slate screws and place the flat-stock shims between the Magnaboard and the slate on the inside of the cabinet walls, not the outside. 

    • Avoid using wedged shims, tapped from the outside-in to level the slate. This causes the slate pad to flex

  • When the slate is properly leveled, re-tighten the slate screws and wax the seams using beeswax before proceeding to felt the slate

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