Game Room Games

What's a game room without something fun to do? In addition to our heirloom pool tables at American Heritage Billiards, we offer table and cabinet games for even more ways you can entertain at home. Kids and adults alike will love these familiar games crafted from sturdy, warm and welcoming furniture, especially when you coordinate styles with your current space!

Our Game Collections

Browse and shop our game room collections for sale online, and get ready to pick up a paddle or puck.

Air Hockey Tables

Enjoy a fast-paced game atop the charming Savannah Air Hockey table, or the Element, available in stone or pine finishes. The Monarch and Phoenix tables offer an enviable contemporary style. A larger gathering can play together on the spacious Ellipse 6-Player Air Hockey Table, with a pair of wireless speakers to listen to your favorite music!

Shuffleboard Tables

Our shuffleboard tables feature robust construction, from the sleek, traditional Milan, the rustic appeal of the Savannah and Bristol or the industrial feel of the Leonardo and Quest. A polyurethane coating protects the condition of the playing field along with sand. If you're looking for a more compact game table, our Rebound Shuffleboard provides an intriguing twist that's good for standard play or even miniature-pin bowling.

Foosball Tables

Bring a thrilling game to your home with our line of foosball tables, supported by elegant iron like the Pritchard, or sophisticated wooden legs such as the Carlyle. Each row of foosball players rotates on a seamless steel rod with durable handles so you can enjoy years of gatherings around your indoor stadium.

Dart Board Cabinets

When you open the doors to your dart board cabinet, you'll find a tournament-quality bristle board, two sets of steel-tipped darts and two scoring chalkboards — everything needed for a match. Select the antique aesthetic of the Vintage or Gateway, or aim for a refined, sophisticated finish from the Athos or Cavalier. Every selection provides a stunning handcrafted wooden fixture for your game room wall.

Unique Games for All Ages

We designed our Orbit Eliminator 4-Player Air Hockey to create an engaging spin on the classic arcade installment — the last person standing without three goals in their own slot wins. You can also try the excitement of FlipOut!, the most competitive pinball-inspired game you can find on the market! Four players try to keep a total of 18 score-colored balls out of their goals using flippers. These innovative games offer a brand-new experience for your guests and family.

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At American Heritage Billiards, creating group memories around beautiful settings is our specialty. A commitment to quality craftsmanship since 1987 has made us a leading manufacturer of game room equipment today. We'll help you create the ultimate entertaining space with free shipping on every order over $69. To learn more about purchasing, call us at 877-998-0908 or reach out online today.