Foosball Rules and Game Play

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Basic Rules of Game Play

​Flip a Coin to begin the Game

A coin flip is typically used to determine who initially serves the foosball at the beginning of the game.

Serving the Ball

After goals are scored, the team who was scored upon last serves the next ball. 

Eligible Goals

A goal is only eligible if it was touched by a player from either team prior to being scored 


No Spinning

Official rules state that you must have complete control of the rods at all times. Spinning the foosball rods in a 360 degree rotation without touching the ball is a not just bad etiquette, it is an illegal move. The penalty for spinning the rod is a loss of ball possession at which point your opponent gets to gain possession of the ball on their 5-man rod

No Jarring

Jarring is a term for when a player slams their rod(s) against the cabinet of the foosball table in an effort to move distract the opponent and/or make possession of the ball more difficult as the cabinet moves. This is an illegal move. The first penalty for this infraction is to place the ball where it would have been at the time the jarring a cured or your opponent can choose to reserve the ball on their 5-man rod, as they would for a spinning penalty. In the case of a repeat offense of this rule, your opponent receives a penalty shot from his 3-man rod. 


Dead Balls

If a foosball stops in the middle of two opposing team rods in the play field, the ball should be picked up to be served anew. Just like after a goal, the new serve goes to the team whom was scored upon last. If a dead ball occurs on the defensive side of the table behind the second defensive bar, the defensive player must move the ball back into playing position. 

Balls Hit Out of Play

If a ball flies off the table area, it is ruled oyt of play and must be served by the team whom was last scored upon. This applies to a ball that hits any part of the cabinet that may bounce back into play; that ball is ruled a dead ball as well and must be served again