Bullseye Dart Game

​General Rules of Darts
1.    Hang the board as shown in the diagram
2.    To decide who plays first, each player, or one from each side throws one dart. The player hitting nearer the center starts the game
3.    Players throw three darts each throw
4.    Darts only score that remain on the board on completion of a throw

Tournament Dart Rules
1.    Each side starts with 301 points. The method of scoring is to subtract each score from the remaining total. The score of 301 is used mainly for games between two individuals. For team play, the opening score should be increased to 501 or 1001 depending on team size
2.    Tournament games are usually started straight, but as an alternative, can be played by started with any double
3.    The first to reduce his score exactly to zero is the winner
4.    To finish, a double (or bullseye) which exactly reduce the score to zero must be thrown
5.    For the purposes of Rules 3 and 4, “Bullseye” counts as double 25
6.    If a greater score is thrown than is required to reduce the remaining score exactly to zero, then none of the three darts count to that throw and the score remains as it was before that particular throw was taken
7.    Each game is called a “leg.” 3 legs make a match and the ultimate winner is the player who first wins 2 legs. This can be vaned.

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Cricket Darts Game

Cricket is a favorite among bar dart games across America. It's strengths are that the rules are simple and it gives weaker darts players a chance against stronger players. The object is to close numbers 15 through 20 and the bulls eye by hitting them each three times before your opponent. Once a number is closed, you can then score points each time it is hit while your opponent is still trying to close it.

Order of Play
Each team takes turns throwing three darts. After a player throws three darts they tally up any hits for that round on the scoreboard and collect the darts from the dartboard. If points are scored on a number or bulls eye keep track of the running points. If teams have more than 1 player they will take turns every time it is their teams turn to throw. This continues until numbers 15-20 and the bulls eye are closed out. Once everything is closed out by both teams the team with the most points wins.  

The game can also be played without points and the game is won by the first team to close out all numbers and bulls eye. This version is quicker since it does not require both teams to close out all numbers and bulls eyes and it also simplifies the games strategy.

Cricket Dartboard Scoring
The scoreboard is set up with a 3 column layout with the dartboard numbers (15-20 and bulls eye) in the middle that need to be closed out. None of the other numbers on the board count in this game and should be considered a miss. The numbers and bulls eye are considered open until both teams have hit it three times. If one team has closed out a number or bulls eye it can be scored on until the opposing team closes it out as well.  

The single rings on the board count as one hit and should be marked with a single slash (/). The double ring on the outside of the board counts as two hits (X), and the triple ring counts as three hits (O). The outer bulls eye counts as one and the inner bulls eye counts as two. 

Once one team closes out a number or bulls eye, every hit gives that team points corresponding to the number on the outside of the dartboard. The outer bulls eye counts as 25 and inner bulls eye 50.

Strategy for Darts Cricket
If played without points, as I mentioned earlier, the strategy becomes very simplified. Try to close out all numbers and bulls eyes before your opponent. If you are playing with points what you go for will depend on how the specific game is going and the strengths of the opponent.  

A good starting place is to try to close 20's since they will yield you the most points once closed out if your opponent hasn't closed them first. If you can close out your 20's early it is a great way to rack up some points early in the game.  

Players tend to have numbers that are easier for them to hit. If you know your opponent try to close out the numbers that are easier for them to hit. This will avoid leaving it open and allowing them to rack up points on you. If your opponent hits a number twice and you have yet to hit it once it may be a good idea to turn your attention to that number. Cricket is about having a good balance of offense and defense.  

For beginners it can be a good strategy to go for the bulls eyes from the start. Bulls eyes are tough for any player so not only does it give you a chance to have a lucky start but misses can easily hit other numbers needed. Once you get a lucky hit or two on other numbers focus your attention there if you haven't already changed targets for defensive play.

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