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Details Regarding Delivery and Professional Installation

  • Within 1-2 business days of purchasing your pool table, an American Heritage Billiards representative will contact you to confirm delivery instructions by phone and email, if an email address was provided when you placed your order

  • After you speak to the representative and provide key details regarding your order, the table will delivered to your garage or nearest covered area within 2-3 weeks (pending customer availability)

    • If the customer would like American Heritage Billiards to hold their shipment for a future project, just notify the representative during your call​

  • After providing those key details, you will receive the contact information of the professional technician who will be installing your pool table.

  • After the pool table is successfully delivered, you must contact the professional technician whom was assigned to your pool table to schedule an appointment to install the table at a time of your convenience

    • The technician will often be able to schedule an installation time within that same week

  • Upon completion of the installation by the assigned technician, the installer will provide a form to you that verifies proof of a successful and satisfactory installation. Feel free to write down any questions or concerns on this form as it is returned to American Heritage Billiards and logged in our system in case any future issues arise

  • You may register your pool table at 

  • If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding this process, please call us at 877-998-0908 or email us at

Coordinating Furniture Options

  • Please note, Crate & Barrel has an exclusive cue rack that is included with every purchase. A coordinating table tennis top is also available for purchase on the Crate & Barrel website


Finish Samples


Care and Maintenance

  • For Indoor Use Only

  • Dust the table finish with a soft, dry cloth.

  • To protect the finish, do not apply abrasives or household cleaners.

  • Table Covers can be used to keep the pool table dust-free and protect it from other forms of accidental damage when the pool table isn’t in use. Table covers can be purchased from our website and are included in certain accessory kits

  • To clean felt on pool table, use brush included in accessory kit.

  • American Heritage Billiards uses all-natural, K66 cushion rubber. Since our cushion rubber is all-natural and isn’t modified from its original state with additives, it eventually hardens slowly over time which can negatively affect the game play of the pool table. Depending on the climate and humidity variations in your area, our cushion rubber typically lasts between 10-15 years through normal use before it becomes hard, at which point, it should be replaced. When the cushion rubber becomes hard, please contact us as we’ll issue free replacement cushion rubber with proof of original purchase. Additionally, we can connect you to an installer whom can help replace the cushion rubber for you.



  • Pool Table Moves, Installations

    • Question: I am moving and would like to take my pool table with me to my new home. How can I do this? Can I do it myself?

    • Answer: American Heritage Billiards Pool Tables must be installed  and disassembled by trained technicians. Our warranty becomes void without verification that the pool table was installed by such a technician. If you contact us, we would happily connect you with local installers familiar with our pool tables who can assist you in either installing or disassembling the pool tables safely and effectively

  • Pool Table Room Requirements

    • Question: Do I have enough space for a pool table?​

    • Answer: For detailed information on room requirements, click here

  • Rules and Game Play

    • Question:​  Where can I find official rules on how to play different games with my pool table?

    • Answer: For detailed information on game play and rules, click here



  • Pool Table

    • American Heritage Billiards warrants the components/parts of your American Heritage Billiards Pool Table to be free of manufacturer defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner, as follows:

      • Table, Cabinet, Legs, Interior Bracing and Hardwood Rails and Blinds:

        • Warranted against splitting, cracking or warping;

      • Hardwood Rails and Cushions:  

        • Warranted against separation, dry rot, or hardening.  

        • Since American Heritage Billiards uses all-natural, K66 cushion rubber, it will eventually harden and/or dry over time. Typically, the lifetime of the rails is between 10-15 years but it will vary based on the humidity, temperature, and exposure to sunlight in the room it is located in

    • American Heritage Billiards, or any of its authorized service dealers, will provide you parts required to repair or, at American Heritage Billiards’ sole option, replace any of the above components covered by this warranty, found, in the sole reasonable judgment of American Heritage Billiards, to be defective in materials and/or workmanship.

    • American Heritage Billiards will not cover labor associated to re-leveling the pool table and/or re-felting the pool table after the initial successful installation

  • Accessory Rack, Table Tennis Conversion Top

    • These items have a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects​

Assembly Instructions

  • This Pool Table must be assembled by a professional technician, selected by American Heritage Billiards to Retain its Lifetime Warranty.

  • This must be verified by a signed form that the technician provides to our company.

  • For a look inside how it is built, you can download the assembly instructions using this link


Learn More About American Heritage Billiards

Founded in 1987 in a small suburb outside of Cleveland, Ohio, American Heritage Billiards has grown into the world’s largest game room furniture manufacturer. We began producing pool tables as a raw materials manufacturer, creating the table from start to finish. We domestically engineered, sourced, stained, and built all of its pool tables from scratch in a small warehouse. The focus was to build a pool table the best way possible. It isn’t just a piece of furniture…it’s a piece of furniture on which you play a precision game.


This hands-on building gave our company an unmatched opportunity to learn how to build an heirloom piece of furniture, and many of those methods (like using mortise and tenon construction) are integral to our procedures today.


Over time, as we expanded exponentially, we began domestically sourcing our pool tables to a few manufacturers in the Carolinas. All the while, our customers continued to grow our business quite rapidly…quicker than we could keep up with using our current resources. Soon, we started using both domestic and global resources to produce our  pool tables to our design and building specifications at competitive prices.


Throughout this growth period (we went from selling around 2,000 tables in 1987 to approximately 27,000 in 2003), we teamed with our customers to create what was an innovative concept at the time…coordinating game room furniture collections. Instead of just selling pool tables, we gave customers the ability to buy an entire room of furniture. Home bars, bar stools, back bars, mirrors, game tables, and other items were now available in coordinating finishes with our pool tables. When properly displayed in collections, this gave our customers the ability to envision exactly how the game room of their dreams might look…and gave them the ability to buy it on the spot. Customers were no longer buying pool tables, they were buying the means to a lifestyle of entertaining.


Now, American Heritage Billiards gives our customers the best possible option in the industry when it comes to game room furniture. We hope you’ll share our goal…to help friends and families gather more often